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Poster: jjimm Date: Nov 12, 2006 3:00pm
Forum: sflan Subject: Technical or Political

I live at the foot of San Bruno Mountain, line of sight to the top of the mountain where the SFLan is located. I would very much like to invest in the future by purchasing one of the SFLan units, but have three concerns with questions.
1. I am technical and would want admin access to keep the unit active. I see units down all over the city that seem to be waiting for politics. Can I get admin access to support it?
2. What does the SFLan antannae unit plug into? Any broadband router, or is there a political affiliation with a large company such as a cable company?
2.My home is in the Daly City, so could I still purchase a unit? I'm sure noone wants wireless service to stop at SF boundary lines, but there may be a political issue between counties.
Does anyone know about either or both of these concerns?